What Is Dogging? A Comprehensive Guide For Beginners

When it comes to sex, the fetishes of human beings are endless. Whether you like vanilla or rough, most of the sexual acts are done privately. However, some couples enjoy showcasing their affection publicly. This is where the concept of dogging emerges. So, in this article, let’s give you a comprehensive guide about Dogging.

In the 21st century, the paradigm of sexual adventures has gone to a whole new level. Now, people are more open about their fetishes and look to fulfil them without thinking about the consequences too much. That is why sex has got an artistic angle as you can find multiple genres of sex.

You have got sex in groups, BDSM, and so many other genres that can make your sex life spicier than ever. Similarly, dogging is also a genre of sexual activity which is a pleasure for some and entertainment for others. Now, you will be scratching your head, thinking about what is Dogging. So, let discuss that to detailed your concept wonderfully.

What on Earth is Dogging?

Have you ever thought about having sex in a public place? Do you have any such type of fetish? Then dogging is exactly for you. This is what dogging is all about. You and your partner will be having sex at a place where others can watch you in action. It is almost like watching porn live without any screen in front of you.

Now, you will be getting confused between exhibitionism and dogging. However, you should know that dogging is more systematic than exhibitionism. The ones who will perform Dogging will invite the viewers to come and watch them in action. Overall, the whole effort is highly beneficial for those who want to showcase their play and those who want to watch others in action.

The Origin of Dogging

There is a nice story behind the origin of the term ‘dogging’. People would go out of their house with an excuse of taking their dogs out for a walk. Instead, they would go to public places where they will witness couples engaging in sexual activity. This term is British because, at the beginning of the 2000s, dogging became very popular in the country. Also, people started to notice it and gain knowledge about it when multiple arrests took place related to dogging incidents.

The Entire Setting

Now, the question is how everything happens. If you are planning for a Dogging, meet up then you should know how to find the audience. In the past, when social media was not ‘a thing’, performers used SMS and sex forums to inform the viewers about the show they will be scheduling. Now, with various dating and social media websites, finding such events and telling the audience about these events have become very easy.

The Real Show

After the announcement of the performers, the audience will come to the spot where the action will take place. The location for Dogging may vary as per the choice and comfort of the performers. The place for dogging can be a public place which will allow the space and opportunity to showcase their acts. It doesn’t always have to be couples who would take part in dogging. Singles can also enjoy dogging by having sex with a complete stranger as other strangers will watch them in action.

Code of Conduct in Dogging

Well, the code of conduct for an act like dogging will be the last thing that you can ever imagine. But, if you are organizing or participating in dogging, there are certain unofficial rules and regulations that you will have to follow such as;

Capturing Videos and Photos Is Prohibited

As the act of dogging is a very sensitive matter, and it also involves multiple legal aspects, you should not record the action happening in front of you. Well, it will be tempting for you to note the activity, but you just have to sit back and enjoy it no matter how ironic it may seem to you.

The View Should Be Clear

If you are performing the act of dogging, then you have to make sure that your audience is having a clear view of the action happening in front of you. Your viewers have come to watch you in action and jerk it off. So, the best thing for you would be to give them a clear view to watch the action.

Keeping the Lights On

Whether you are doing it in the parking lot, or on the balcony of an apartment, you have to make sure that there is proper lighting for viewing the whole activity. Bad lighting will ruin the experience of the viewers, and you will not be able to match up to their expectations.

Keep the Door Open for Better View

If you are doing it inside the car or your apartment, doing it inside the door will not give your audience an overwhelming experience because the viewing angle will become smaller. So, leaving the door open is an excellent gesture to welcome viewers to have a sneak peek at your sexual adventure.

Popular Spots for Dogging

If there is a sport for dogging in your locality, then perhaps you are already aware of it because those spots tend to be very infamous for apparent reasons. You will find dogging lovers flocking in and indulging in action in such places regularly. There are many spots like a parking lot or a highway, or a park where nobody goes can be the ideal place for dogging. Now, those who have gathered experience in dogging will look to choose an available spot. But for beginners, they might look to have the action inside their car or their apartment on the balcony.

Is Dogging Legal?

Now, you will not find a law that is prohibiting casual encounters like dogging particularly. However, laws related to indecency in public places can bring legal consequences for you. In many cases, couples had to serve jail terms because of things like this in the past. But, this thrill and adventure of finding them behind the bars while indulging in action are what drives dogging performers more.

What Makes People Participate in Public Sex Like Dogging?

Dogging is beneficial for everyone because everyone has something to gain from dogging. For the viewers, they satisfy the voyeurs in them by watching a couple having sex. And for couples, they are getting laid in front of strangers which can be a fetish for many. Also, for singles, they are getting laid with a stranger which is kind of a bonanza for them.

Summing It Up

Finally, when it comes to fetishes, there can be no limits. People are challenging the existing laws of society to fulfil their sexual desires. Everyone has some fetishes. But, few have the guts to go beyond the current conception to achieve them. Many fantasise about being watched by others while they keep on banging. So, if you have such fetishes, then dogging is an excellent option for you. It will be a sexual adventure that you will never forget. When you think of the rewards you are getting, it becomes worthwhile to take such a risk.

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