Dogging Rules and Etiquette that You Should Know

You can check out the different Dogging forums that are available and you will see that there are so many people who actively participate in Dogging. This can make you feel a bit more curious about Dogging. Some people would like to watch Dogging take place while others would like to actively participate in Dogging.

Dogging is not possible unless you know the rules that should be followed. What are the rules of dogging?

Dogging Rules to Remember

You may participate first as a voyeur which means that you will be watching a couple or a group have some fun. There are times when voyeurs will also be asked to join in. This is important. You need to be asked first before you can join. If you would suddenly join when you are unwanted, this can break up the fun that is happening.

There is one signal that you can watch out for so that you will know if you are being enticed to come closer: wait for the interiors of the light to flash.

Going to a Dogging Location

You are not recommended to just go to a Dogging location without being prepared for the different things that may happen. These are some things to remember:

    • Be sure that you will have the right tools to practice safe sex.
    • Check out some Dogging forums and some ads that may be available in various groups to be aware of the next Dogging location.
    • Get to know the right spot for you. Would you rather watch a straight couple having sex or you are more interested in seeing gay and lesbian action?
  • Dogging should be an activity that will be fun not only for those who are watching but also for those who are being watched.

Remember This

You need to realise that not everyone would like to witness Dogging. There are some people who may be in the wrong place at the wrong time. There are some laws in various places wherein unwilling witnesses may report the Dogging places. Make sure that you will take extra precaution when you are participating to have sex in public places. Even watching the action take place in public places can sometimes be against the law. Get to know the local rules and regulations in your area to be sure.


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