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dogging nz

What is Dogging? Dogging is an exciting endeavour, and many people from across the world are already getting involved. If you reside in New Zealand and you will like to engage in dogging, you too can get involved and have endless fun. All you have to do is to look for the right dogging partner, search for the dogging location nearest to you in New Zealand and then start having fun for as long as you want. In this write-up, we will enlighten you on how you can have endless fun in dogging right here in New Zealand.

Finding a dogging partner

The dogging experience begins with finding a dogging partner. Dogging has become relatively popular in New Zealand, and you will be surprised at the number of people who are already having dogging fun in different parts of the country. The internet now makes it very easy to locate a dogging partner very fast. There are many forums and platforms dedicated to those looking for dogging partners. You can even get the desired information by carrying out a simple Google search. Even Facebook is reliable for connecting you with the right dogging partner.

Finding the right dogging location

There are so many dogging locations in New Zealand, and many more new locations are being discovered daily. The number of dogging locations in New Zealand is an indication that the idea had been around here for long. Dogging is an illegal activity in New Zealand. Therefore, you must exercise a lot of discretion while looking for a dogging partner or asking people for a dogging location. You do not even need to ask people about dogging locations in New Zealand; all you have to do is go online and trust in Google to direct you. For example, Auckland has up to 619 locations, while a place like Otago has only 84 locations. Wellington, on the other hand, has up to 147 locations. Waikato has up to 191 dogging locations. Other cities and the number of dogging locations they have been highlighted below:

  • West Coast has up to 15 dogging locations.
  • Tasman has only 9 dogging locations.
  • Southland has up to 43 dogging locations.
  • Taranaki has up to 47 dogging locations.
  • Northland has up to 72 dogging locations.
  • Nelson has up to 24 dogging locations.
  • Marlborough has up to 33 dogging locations.
  • Hawke’s Bay has up to 62 dogging locations.
  • Manawatu-Wanganui has up to 113 dogging locations.
  • Canterbury has up to 222 dogging locations.
  • Gisborne has up to 9 dogging locations.
  • Bay of Plenty has up to 126 dogging locations.

Proper preparation

Dogging rules and etiquette that you should know not only for those who are watching but also for those being watched. While preparing for dogging in any of the locations mentioned above in New Zealand, make ready any item that you may need for the dogging activity, like a condom, blanket, torch and so on. Never throw away your manners when you are dogging. It would be best if you did not litter the environment after dogging; make sure you pick all the refuses you throw on the floor while dogging. Items like a used condom, condom wraps, tissue paper, pieces of clothing, empty bottles and others must be removed when you are done.


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