Dogging in Waikato

The Basics of Dogging in Waikato that You Should Know

There was a time when it would be considered wild to swap partners with another couple to have sex. This can be complicated because of the people who would have to agree to do this. In dogging, which has started to become more popular recently, people do not need to get invited to participate. People should just know when the next dogging session will take place so that they can go.

Dogging in Waikato can be very uncomplicated because you do not need to bring a lot of items with you. You just need to make sure that you know some of the basics about doing this activity. Those who try to participate without knowing the rules may become banned from participating and this is not something that you want to happen to you.

What is Dogging Anyway?

Dogging is considered to be a night sport. This is done in areas that families, couples, and friends frequent during the day. At night, the spot will become transformed into a place wherein people’s desires can be reached.

This would involve a couple or sometimes more than one couple who will be having sex inside their cars or sometimes, on their cars while the rest of the people watch. People would describe it as watching live porn and it will be enough to make a lot of people become horny too. The thing about this is that there are many rules that are being followed. Do enough research before you go to the dogging locations.

Basic Things to Remember

A lot of people go to dogging places to become a watcher. This means that you are just going to watch the couple having sex. The only time that you can join them is if they would give you the signal to join. If you suddenly join in unannounced, this will stop the dogging session and you will earn the ire of the other watchers. If you are given the go signal by the people having sex, you can become a voyager and participate in the act. Just make sure that you have a condom and other items to practice safe sex.

People are recommended to only do dogging at night in order to reduce the chances of being seen by people who are not into dogging. Over the years, there are some people who have become so adventurous that they have tried dogging during the daytime. Most of them have ended up being reported by families who were within the area.

You are not recommended to go alone if you are a woman. You do not know the other people who will be there and there will be some people who may want to take advantage. If you want to try dogging, go with someone whom you know you can trust.

Some Tips to Remember

How can you do dogging properly? You need to know these tips so that you have a lesser chance of getting in trouble with the law, other people within the dogging site, and so much more.

  • Always bring some essential items that will ensure that dogging will be safe for you. You need to bring some items that will make you more hygienic such as wet wipes, alcohol, soap, tissues, mouthwash, and even your deodorant. You do not want people to suddenly turn away from you because you do not smell good, right?
  • Bring a condom with you because you do not know what may happen while you are at the dogging site.
  • You may also need to have a blanket and warm clothing if you are planning to become a lurker. Some of the areas may be in parks and the temperature may drop while you are there. The best thing that you can do is to keep yourself comfortable. A blanket will be nice too if you would meet someone that you would like to have sex with.
  • Always keep your surroundings clean especially after the act. Some people who participate in dogging have no qualms about throwing their used condoms and other trash on the ground. Do not do this. The main reason why dogging sites are being closed off is because of this irresponsible act. Make sure that you have a trash bag wherein you can place all of your trash. Throw your trash at home too.
  • Know your limits. If you are uncomfortable with what you are doing with another person, let the person know about this. You need to know when you have had enough.

With all of these details in mind, you can be ready to attend the next dogging activity.