Dogging in Canterbury


Canterbury region in New Zealand I situated in central-eastern of South Island. The population of the region was estimated to be about 624 thousand in June 2018 and occupies an area of about 17,185 square miles (44,058 km). This region was established during the countrywide local reforms of the government in 1989. In 1982, Kaikoura became part of this region after the Regional Council of Nelson-Marlborough was abolished. Canterbury’s seat is Christchurch, which is the 3rd biggest urban area in the country and the largest city on South Island. In addition, Christchurch is the home of about 65% of the population of Canterbury. Other major cities and towns in the Canterbury region include; Rolleston, Rangiora, Ashburton and Timaru.

Dogging in Canterbury

Dogging is a term that is commonly used to refer to the act of engaging in sexual intercourse in public are, such as parking lots, taking chances of other people watching you. In an attempt to give a new definition of the word ‘flash mob’, the British have come up with the new sex trend referred to as ‘dogging’, which combines mobs, the internet, sex and exhibitionism.

Dogging sex tends to combine technology with voyeurism, swinging and cruising. To put it in simpler terms, small or big crowds watch exhibitionist singles or couple who have met through the internet having sex in vehicles and at times join in.

Dogging sex seems to be widespread and popular, attracting single women and men as well as heterosexual couples of various backgrounds, income brackets and age groups. Nevertheless, dogging meets end up attracting fewer women than men.

Dogging sites in Canterbury

Doggers in Canterbury can easily find other doggers within this region through the various dogging sites in Canterbury. There are more than 1000 members from Canterbury and the surrounding areas that are registered with these sites. These websites are ideal for residents of Canterbury looking forward to having sex with other horny strangers living in this region. Most of these Canterbury dogging sites provide the safety and security of their members. This is mainly due to the fact they value their member’s information.

Residents of Canterbury become a member of these sites by registering. On registering, you’ll gain access to various features of these websites like blogs, forum, chat rooms as well as articles. These features enable you to arrange meet-ups and find the best dogging locations within Canterbury. In addition, people living in nearby cities can also become members of these sites, especially if they work or regularly visit Canterbury. Members of these sites can search as well as get reviews about the best Canterbury locations before they leave their places.

Dogging spots in Canterbury

Dogging sex in the region of Canterbury is mainly done in vehicles at the lover’s lanes, parking lots of superstore as well as rural parks. During those meetups, doggers either use text messages or cell phones so that they can confirm the meeting spots and more significantly, identities. Videophones and cameras are increasingly being used for recording what happens.

Benefits of dogging sites in Canterbury

Dogging sites in Canterbury enables you to find out anything you want to know about dogging in Canterbury. These sites provide information on the latest dogging meets and connects doggers from various places in Canterbury. These sites enable doggers in Canterbury to stay updated about the world of dogging. The information on these sites is very useful to newcomers or people who are not sure how they should behave in the dogging events.

These sites enable doggers to know anything they need to be aware of abutting dogging like the tip, don’ts, dos as well as etiquette, either through the other doggers or directly from these sites. The forums of these dogging sites offer access to the doggers near you in Canterbury. In addition, you can discover the best nights and the best dogging places in Canterbury through these websites.

Limitations of dogging

Although dogging sex offers a lot of fun, it poses some dangers too. First and foremost, dogging sex can result in an increase in the cases of diseases that are sexually transmitted in Canterbury, especially among people that do not prefer using protection during sex. It’s therefore highly recommended for doggers in Canterbury to ensure that they always carry protection when heading out for a dogging event.
Secondly, women that use dogging sites should not post their specific locations on the dogging sites to avoid rape cases, since dogging sites attracts fewer women than men.