Dogging in Bay Of Plenty


The word dogging has been derived from the phrase ‘walking a dog’. It is a term that covers car fun and outdoor exhibitionism. It’s an activity that’s practised by some people in Bay of Plenty on a regular basis when they’re looking for fun.

Dogging refers to the practice of engaging in sexual activities in public areas, such as parks, intentionally taking chances of being observed. This word was invented by the British and combines mob, the internet, exhibitionism and sex. This is mainly due to the fact that dogging encourages observation. Dogging mixes technology with voyeurism, cruising and swinging. To put it in simpler terms, small or big crowds watch exhibitionist singles or couple who have met through the internet having sex in vehicles and at times join in.

Dogging sites in Bay of Plenty

After many requests from singles and couples asking for assistance to find dogging locations in Bay of Plenty, various dogging websites have been set up. Residents of Bay of Plenty interested in dogging can easily find dogging locations that are near them by checking at these sites. In addition, these sites allow residents of these areas to include other places that are not included.

These dogging sites make it easy to find other doggers that are within Bay of Plenty. In addition, most doggers are only interested in fun and you don’t have to pay anything for dogging sex. Once you register as a member of these sites, you’re able to use various features on the sites like chat rooms, articles. Blogs and forums. All these features will help you find the best clubs and spots for dogging in Bay of Plenty.

Additionally, these sites are helpful to doggers of other cities that regularly visit Bay of Plenty for pleasure or work. They can easily arrange for hookups using the contacts of Bay of Plenty doggers that are listed in the directory of this site.

Dogging rules

Dogging activity can at times provide great fun and real excitement. However, it’s good to be cautious and avoid doing it at any place. In order to enjoy dogging in a legal and safe manner, doggers of Bay of Plenty are encouraged to follow some dogging rules.

First and foremost, you only need to quickly go through the dogging site’s forum so that you can observe how many doggers are actively dogging out there. The other thing that you should bear in mind when engaging in dogging is that you should practice safe sex at all times. Those are some of the few dogging rules that you should adhere to.

There may be certain circumstances where couples may be engaging in dogging around or in their cars o that the voyeurs that turned up can observe. The couples may sometimes ask these voyeurs to join them. However, you should only move closer or join in if you’re asked or when you observer the car’s interior lights flashing.

Before you go to the dogging location in Bay of Plenty, you have to ensure that;

  • You’re are prepared to engage in safe sex
  • Arrange meetups using the section of personal Ads or forums in the dogging sites to ensure that most people turn up
  • Everyone is having fun and is happy
  • Ascertain that a certain spot/ location is yours; are you after some gay sex or couples?

Dogging spots

Dogging sex is mainly practised in vehicles at lover’s lanes, rural parks as well as the parking lots of superstore. During the meet ups, text messages and cell phones are used for confirming the meeting places and more significantly, identities. Videophones and cameras are increasingly being used for recording what happens.

Dangers of dogging

Despite the fact that dogging sex is really fun, it does come with some limitations too. Dogging has resulted in an increase in STDs cases among doggers that don’t use protection during this act. This is specifically why doggers in Bay of Plenty are encouraged to always carry ample condoms when heading out for dogging and use them religiously during the process. The fact that dogging mainly involves having sex with strangers makes it difficult to know if the other person has sexually transmitted infections or not. It is therefore wiser to be cautious by using protection.

Additionally, since dogging tends to attract fewer women than men, this can pose some dangers to women. Women using dogging sites are therefore encouraged to avoid posting locations on these sites.