Dogging Sites in New Zealand You Should Check Out Soon

Have you ever wondered why “dogging” is called “dogging?” This slang came from the fact that people who were caught having sex at night use the excuse that they are walking their dogs at night. In reality, dogging is something that can be done like an exhibition. People may have sex in their cars while other people watch. This is an activity that a lot of people would like to participate in from time to time.

Some say that while they feel that dogging is fun and exciting, it can be exhausting because everything should be kept quiet and mysterious. There are also a lot of rules that people should become familiar with before they participate in the said activity.

Rules of Dogging
You may be so excited to find some dogging sites in New Zealand that you just want to get right to it and start dogging. There are still so many things that you have to know to start with the rules of dogging that should be followed at all costs. You do not want to get banned just because you did not follow the rules, right?

A lot of people do not have a lot of experience in dogging. Even those who have tried it may not exactly like it. Based on the details that we have gathered though, these are some of the standard rules to remember:

● You have to be prepared that you will be practicing safe sex. One of the common mistakes of people is assuming that they do not have to wear condoms. Some participants would even pass around condoms that you can use for the dogging session.
● There are some online forums available that will provide you with details regarding where the next dogging sessions are going to be and who are coming. You may even decide to meet up with some of the other people who will be going.
● Know what you would like to do. Do you want to watch other people have sex, or would you like to have sex with other people?
● It is best if you would have fun. If you feel uncomfortable in any way, then you can stop whatever you are doing.

While at the Site
The moment that you have reached the dogging site remember to be discreet. You are not supposed to let the authorities know that dogging is happening within the area. You can choose to be a voyeur, which means that you will watch people have sex. You can also be a participant, which means that you will have sex with a partner while being watched by other voyeurs. There are times when voyeurs are invited to participate in the dogging sessions.

These are some rules that should be remembered while at the dogging site:
● Do not just randomly join a couple or a group having sex unless they invite you to join them.
● If you are a girl, you are recommended to have someone with you who will protect you, especially if the person that you would have sex with is too harsh. You have all the right to say no if you do not want to participate.
● Be discreet.
● It might be hard to provide the right signals when you are in a dark place, but as long as you will be clear about what is dogging, the other people who are there will not get confused.
● Some recommend that you get to the site early, especially if you want to find a partner at the site.

One thing that you should remember is that New Zealand has a law that can be connected to dogging. Some people may become witnesses to sex in public. They can easily report those who are having sex because it is considered to be illegal.

Some of the Dogging Sites in New Zealand
You need to know the various dogging sites that are available in New Zealand to help you out. Who knows, there may be an area near you that you can visit very soon. Expect dogging sites on the following locations:
● Auckland
● Hawke’s Bay
● Northland
● Tasman
● Bay of Plenty
● Otago
● Waikato
● Canterbury
● Marlborough
● Southland
● Wellington
● Gisborne
● Nelson
● Taranaki
● West Coast

If you live in any of these areas, some will have a lot of dogging sites while there are also some wherein dogging sites can be a bit limited. You can check out some forums and websites to find out more details about the actual dogging sites in these areas.

Dogging Sites

Why Do People Go Dogging?
Dogging has different links to things that some people may think are exciting, such as voyeurism, cuckolding, swinging, and exhibitionism. A lot of people also find it exciting that this isn’t done at the privacy of their own rooms. Sex can occur inside cars wherein other people can watch. It may also happen in some parks, woodland spots, and so much more. These areas are usually located in public, so there is always that possibility that people will find out.

There are different reasons why people just like to do dogging, such as the following:
● They want the fact that they can choose whoever they would like to have sex with.
● Those who participate in dogging say that they like the fact that they are being watched. While being watched, they still gain a lot of pleasure from the acts that they do.
● Some people say that it allows them to participate in orgies too. Some would do threesomes, and it would be fun.
● Some people just feel that they are very adventurous, whether they are just watching or they are participating in the act. For example, some would just watch, but they like the fact that they are watching because this is not something that they would commonly do.
● People also do dogging whenever they feel that their relationship is turning stale, and they want to experience some action in their lives.

Some people feel that dogging is all fun and games, though, but people should always be aware of the rules so that they will not come across as rude and ignorant. For example, you cannot just look into the cars when there are people who are having sex inside the vehicles. You need to wait for the headlights to flash. This will serve as your invitation so that you can start looking in.

Why Did Dogging Spread?
There was a time when dogging was not very well-known in different parts of the world. People usually have different theories about where this started, but most people say that this started in the UK. People typically come together at night in a public place, and they have begun to form some rules and so much more.

With the help of the internet, knowledge and details about dogging started to spread. People began to create dogging sites in their areas. This explains why people in New Zealand are also searching for dogging sites in New Zealand. They want to know if there are nearby dogging places that they can visit.

Some Dogging FAQs
It is quite common for some people to have some questions about dogging, especially if the concept is still new to them, or they find the idea a bit different from what they are used to. Get to know the answers to some of your questions now.

  1. Where did dogging start?
    There are no clear reports about where dogging started, but most people are saying that this originated from England. After it began in England, it became trendy in the UK. It came to a point when it already became normal for dogging to take place very often. Some of the participants try not to miss the sessions of dogging that are happening near them.
  2. Why did it become popular in England?
    It was mentioned in the first question that this started in England. The primary reason why it became popular is due to the less restricted rules regarding public sex. There was a time when couples who are having sex at the back of their cars were immediately arrested. Right now, it is a bit different.
  3. Is a dogger someone who watches or someone who joins in?
    You can be considered to be a dogger whether you would like to watch or you would like to join other people who are having sex. As long as you are already at the site, this means that you are already a dogger.
  4. Will dogging include rape or violence, especially against women?
    No. Dogging is supposed to be fun and exciting. Women who are going to have sex there would need to approve of the sexual acts that will be done to her. If everything is not consensual, a woman can get the attention of someone so that the act can be stopped immediately. There is also no need to become violent while dogging because there are various things that can excite people who are participating in the session.
  5. Will there be a high chance that STDs can spread?
    Yes, there is always a huge possibility that participating in dogging means that the STDs that you only heard about before can spread to you. You do not know if the partner that you are going to pick has STD. Do not base it on just appearance alone. What you can do to avoid getting infected by STD is to wear protection while having sex. Some people also prefer doing dogging semi-regularly instead of just regular.
  6. Who are the people that you will expect to also participate in dogging?
    Almost everyone. Some have reported that they have seen their next-door neighbor in a dogging site. The next time that they saw each other again outside the dogging site, they acted as if nothing happened. There are going to be a lot of people of all ages, races, and backgrounds who will be interested in participating in dogging. This can make the activity even more fun and exciting. You do not know what you can expect next.

What makes dogging even more fun for some people is the rumours that some celebrities participate in dogging. Imagine if you would hear that your ultimate crush might be at a dogging site. It can be enough to make you want to go. Hopefully, you have learned enough about dogging sites so that you will know where you will go the next time that you find the urge to participate.

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