Dogging in Christchurch

Dogging in Christchurch Some Rules You Should Remember

Dogging in Christchurch may be something that you have heard about but not exactly be familiar with. Get to know the correct details when you check here.

Do you know that there may be different areas in Christchurch that are considered to be dogging sites? Dogging NZ may have been unheard of in the past. Over the past years, it has started to become more popular.

The time came when more and more people started to check it out. People would go to the dogging scene and watch people have sex. You must know details about dogging because the more you know, the more you can gauge if you want to participate in it.

What Exactly is Dogging?

Dogging stands for having exhibitionist sex. From these two terms that are placed together, it will be easy to piece together what this stands for. When you say exhibitionist, this means that you are performing for someone who is watching. Some people will have sex while being watched. Sex in Christchurch can be more exciting with this style.

Some say that the term may have originated because people may usually see dogs have sex. They will not do anything to stop them unless they are concerned about the dog breeds mixing and so much more. In Christchurch dogging, there may be a couple who will be having sex. The rest of the people will watch. Then, the time will come when different people will also be having sex the lust may fuel them that they felt while watching.

The Search for Dogging Sites

The suitable dogging sites may be hard to find when you do not know where to start searching. You can find online forums that will be exclusively available to those who want to participate in dogging. You can also talk to single women and men. Ask them to meet up with you at the dogging scene.

Once you learn where the dogging sites are, you can already start to know more about dogging etiquette. How can you participate in it properly?

Do Not Have Sex in Front of Children

Those who do not get the memo in dogging may feel like it would be fun to let everyone watch. Do remember that people who are doing casual dating may like to participate in dogging. Children most likely do not want to see anything. They do not wish to witness public sex.

There have been some people who have been reported to be having sex in broad daylight. They may also do it near schools, parks, and playgrounds. Some places wherein children are expected to stay.

If you do get reported, the dogging community will not claim you. They have some set rules, and if you fail to follow that, you are not expected to participate in the upcoming activities anymore.


Dogging in Christchurch

Anonymity is the Key

Even if you would see other people you know while in New Zealand dogging, you should not talk about it; even if you see them again casually in nondogging situations, you should not say anything about it. Dogging is supposed to be kept a secret. One of the reasons people like it so much is that they do not have to worry about their identity.

You are expected to create a dogging name for yourself too. This can be the name that you have always wanted to be called. It can be a nickname that you feel will be more ideal for you. No matter your choice, make sure that it is not too close to your real name.

Take Care of Public Property

One of the reasons why dogging is fun is it gets to be done in public. It gets to be done in places where people usually are in the daylight. Come nighttime, and the doggers come out to play. Dogging in Christchurch can be exciting but make sure that you will not let the authorities know that you were there.

There have been some instances when areas have been loitered with. Different types of trash have been found in the area. If you have some used condoms, tissues, wipes, and other pieces of trash, throw them away properly. There is no point in letting trash be the giveaway for the dogging location.

If You’re A Woman, Do Not Turn Up Alone

It is not ideal for you to turn up alone at the dogging site if you are a woman. Some couples looking for other people to have sex with may also be looking for other couples. Plus, you do not know if some men will take advantage of you while you were there. You can go with a guy friend who is also into dogging. You can also be with other women to promise that you will all look out for each other.

May you have a lot of fun checking out the different available dogging spots. Remember the tips that are mentioned above, and I hope you have a lot of fun.


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