Dogging in West Coast

Dogging in West Coast Rules to Know

There are various areas that seem harmless during the day but will be completely transformed at night. A lot of people are not aware that dogging has started a long time ago. Dogging in West Coast may seem like a recent thing but people have been doing it for years.

One of the biggest misconceptions of people about dogging is that this is free−for−all meaning everyone can participate. This is not true at all. There are certain rules that should be followed before people can be allowed to join in.

Dogging Rules

Are you surprised that there are rules that should be followed in dogging? Most people assume that it is like one big orgy wherein people can do whatever they want but actually, this activity is done with some safety in mind.

Wearing Condoms

A lot of men say that they do not like wearing condoms because this changes the whole feel of the act but this is required when you participate in dogging. It is quite common for boxes of condoms to be passed around so that everyone who would need it will have their own condom. You are recommended to bring your own. It will be very useful in the long run.

Dogging in Front of Passers−By

Some people may think that there is some sort of thrill that they can get when they dog in front of other people. Some even think that it is cool to do dogging in broad daylight. These are both no−nos in dogging. You are supposed to look for an area that will be isolated enough so that you will not get caught. Dogging is different from being a voyeur.

Anonymity is Important

You are not supposed to give your real name when you go dogging. There are many names that you can create that will allow you to be identified especially if you would use the same name in forums. It is okay to not provide your name and remember not to give out your personal information such as your address, your phone number, and other things that will help people trace you.

You should also not give the real name of other doggers out of respect even if you already know them outside of dogging.

Destroying Public Property

There are some people who think that it is cool to destroy public property just to do dogging. This is not a cool thing to do at all. Dogging should be done in public places which means that they are done in areas wherein everyone can access them. Trespassing in public property will increase your chances of getting arrested which should always be avoided in dogging.

All of the Used Condoms and Other Trash Should be Properly Disposed

There are some new doggers who may not seem to know this rule. They usually just discard their used condoms and other items on the ground. There are trash bins that are available in public places. Find them and make sure to throw your trash properly. It will make a lot of difference when you still try to make the area pleasant for those who would visit it during the day.

Know What You Want to Be Before You Go There

Do you want to be a watcher? This means that you will be watching the people who are having sex in the dogging area. If you are dirty or you do not smell good, you will not be invited to participate at all. You can grope and fondle the participants if the window is half−open. Still, you need to be aware of the signals that are being sent by the participants.

If you want to become a participant, this means that you are ready to have sex within the area. There are times when you do not know the people that you will have sex with. Make sure that you will practice safe sex. You can also think about a word that you and your partner will share that will let you know if you should stop with whatever that you are doing.

There are some participants who like being noisy because there are a lot of watchers who will enjoy watching participants who seem to be enjoying themselves very much. The more that you can show that you are enjoying the activity, the better it would be for the watchers.

The more that you understand how dogging works, the more that you can enjoy this activity that a lot of people find very exciting.