Dogging in Northland


Northland Region is New Zealand’s northernmost region in the 16 regions of the government. People of New Zealand often refer to it as Far North or Winterless North due to the mild climate of the region. Kerikeri ton is the biggest town in this region while Whangarei city is the main centre of population. This region has a population of more than 179,000 residents.

Dogging in Northland

Dogging sex involves engaging in sexual practices while being watched by other people either in public or semi-public location. Dogging can either include group sex or gang banging since it involves more than two people. Additionally, voyeurism as well as exhibitionism tend to be closely related to dogging since it encourages observation. Doggers tend to regularly meet or organize their meet-ups via the internet.

With a population of more than 170 thousand residents, the number of people engaging in dogging sex in Northland is continuously increasing. Dogging sex tends to be ideal for individuals that love engaging in outdoor sex with strangers that have similar motives. As a result, they’ve been an increase in the number of dogging sites in Northland that are used by the registered members to find dogging locations as well as partners that they can have dogging sex.

A report of a particular survey that involved 1000 residents of New Zealand stated that about 50% of this group had practised dogging sex on the beaches while about 15% had practised it in the public toilet. This clearly shows an increase in the number of people practising dogging sex in New Zealand and Northland since it’s within New Zealand.

Northland Dogging sites

There are various dogging websites in the Northland region where hot singles or couples that are interested in some outdoor sex fun meet. These sites tend to be ideal for singles or couples searching for some hot sessions that involve No Strings Attached sexual intercourse in public areas with other horny strangers. The sites have several sexy singles that are willing to meet up for sex in lay-bys, car parks, parks among other areas where they can be watched by other people who can also choose to join them and have fun. Dogging in Northlandis also ideal for people that are bored by having casual sexual encounters under their sheets since it adds an interesting new aspect to sex life.

The best thing about these sites is the fact that they value their members’ information and guarantee the safety, confidentiality as well as security of their member’ personal data.

People interested in dogging in Northland can easily join these sites and become members through a free registration on the internet. Once members become members to these sites, they’re able to access different features of these websites like chat rooms, articles, blog and forums. Those features allow members to conveniently organize their meetups and the most ideal dogging spots in Northland. Additionally, the people living in various places within Northland and its environs can also become members of these dogging sites, especially if they regularly visit or work in Northland. Members of Northland dogging websites can be able to search or obtain reviews of the most ideal dogging location in Northland before leaving their respective premises.

Limitations of dogging in Northland

Although dogging sex is fun and spontaneous, it poses some dangers too. First and foremost, dogging sex can result in an increase in the cases of diseases that are sexually transmitted in Northland, especially among people that do not prefer using protection during sex. It’s therefore highly recommended for doggers in Northland to ensure that they always carry protection when heading out for a dogging event. This is mainly due to the fact that it’s difficult to know if there’s a participant with an STI or not since it mainly involves having sexual intercourse with strangers.

Secondly, Women that use dogging sites in Northland might be at risk of being rape victims if the post their precise location due to the fact that these sites tend to attract a higher number of men than women. Therefore, female doggers in Northland are strongly advised to avoid posting their precise location of residence to avoid such cases.

In addition, having sexual intercourse in public is considered to be illegal in New Zealand. Dogging sex might therefore result to result in embarrassment and police charges to the’s therefore recommended avoiding dogging spots that have too many people since it draws a lot of unnecessary attention.