Dogging in New Plymouth

Dogging in New Plymouth Dogging 101 Tips to Know Right Now

Are you interested in dogging in New Plymouth but do not know many details about it? Now is the time for you to learn all of the correct information when read here.

If you are interested in dogging, you should know that you are not alone. There are thousands of people who are also looking for this type of excitement in their lives. If you are new to dogging New Plymouth, there are some details that you have to know about it. The more information that you know, the better.

What Exactly is Dogging?

Dogging is something that will allow you to have sex in different places. This means that you are not going to have sex in conventional places like the hotel room. You are going to have outdoor sex. You do not want to be contained in just one area.

You would like to look for areas wherein there is a chance that you will be discovered. This is the thrill of dogging. There is a chance that someone is watching. At times, people are going to be there to watch.

Just remember that it will only be a problem when children catch you. If you also are caught by people who do not want to participate in dogging, this will be a problem. You need to be only seen by people who are looking for some fun.

Finding a Potential Dogging Partner


You may be searching for couples interested in dogging. This means that these are couples that you are going to watch. If in case you are going to look for a partner, this means that you may either go out at Taranaki, New Zealand, at the dogging site or find a partner online before going to the place where dogging is going to take place.

Some internet websites will allow you to see different people in your area. The great thing about this is that you will immediately see those who are interested. Make sure that you will stay safe by doing the following items:

  • Do not provide other vital information that may cause your identity to be known.
  • You may want to come up with a dogging name.
  • It is best if you would still not go to a dogging site alone.

It can be harder for you to go to a dogging site if you are a single woman. This is an issue of women interested in dogging. They know that it will be hard to search for people to be with.

Inform People Where You Are Going

Let us say that you have found some people to go with to the dogging location. Ideally, you can let other people know even if they’re not into dogging where you are going. This way, if something happens or they cannot find you, they will know where your last possible location is. The chances that you will find a sadistic date are not very likely, but you can never be too sure.

Always Carry a Pack of Condoms with You

This is going to be your protection whether you are male or female. This is one of the safety tips that you need right now. Women can indeed use contraceptives so that they will not get pregnant. This will be problematic, though, when you want to ensure that you will stay safe from sexually transmitted diseases. More people are getting infected. You are looking to meet and make sure that you want to have some fun. It will not be fun anymore if you would become afflicted with any disease.


Making Your Dogging Extra Kinky

Let us say that you would like to have some dirty fun. You can wear lingerie that will be easy to remove. They are guaranteed to turn on the sex partner that you will choose to be with. Who says that you still need to go to the sex club when you can have a lot of fun outdoors? The clothes that you wear will make everything kinky. You can use some sex toys as well for added fun.

To make things less complicated, remember the following:

  • Wear clothes that are easy to remove.

  • Clothes that will not require too much fumbling will work.

  • Do not bring too many items, though, as you may not get to use them all.

Safety Tips While Being Sexually Active

It cannot be avoided that you are going to have a lot of partners while dogging. Whether you are searching for a straight male or looking for trans, you want to make sure that you will stay safe.

  • Do not forget to wear contraceptives or use contraceptives after sex.

  • Do not leave any trace behind.

  • Do not reveal your real identity to the people that you are going to have casual sex.

  • Find the suitable car parks that you will visit for dogging before going there.

  • If you are not having fun anymore, agree on a safe word that you can use so that you and your sexual partner will stop.

Ensure that the authorities will not know the sites in Taranaki where you are going to have sex. This is going to make dogging more fun the fact that it can be kept a secret.