Dogging in Nelson


Nelson city is located on eastern shores in Tasman Bay. It’s the oldest city within South Island and 2nd oldest city that is settled within New Zealand. This city was founded in 1841 but it was proclaimed to be a city in 1858 by the royal charter.

The city of Nelson is bordered by the District Council of Tasman to the south-west and west and by the District Council of Marlborough to the south-east, east and northeast. Nelson city is the 12th most populated city in New Zealand having a population of about 50,000. When Nelson city is combined with Richmond town that has about 15000 people, the entire conurbation is considered to be the 9th urban area in New Zealand by population.

Nelson city is popular for its flourishing crafts scene and local arts. As a matter of fact, the city of Nelson hosts various events every year popular with tourists and locals alike, like the Arts Festival of Nelson.

Dogging in Nelson

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Dogging sites in Nelson

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Advantages of dogging sites in Nelson

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