Dogging in Marlborough

Some Tips for Dogging in Marlborough

There are some rules that are being followed by those who do dogging in Marlborough. Dogging has started to become popular in Australia. There are different car parks, woodlands, other tourist parks, and even public toilets that have been identified to become places where dogging can take place.

Where Did the Term Dogging Come From?

Dogging is a term that started in the year 1970s. This means that people can do some exhibitionist acts in public. Some may also do it in a semi−public place. People can usually watch and some will even participate in the exhibitionist acts.

This process started to become more popular a decade ago in Britain. It has also spread to other countries during the last few years. In Australia, the popularity of dogging soared. This is an activity that is not free for everyone. If you would like to participate, you can check out rules.

Rules to Follow

How can dogging in Marlborough take place when you do not know the rules? You should become more familiar with them if you want to participate.

Wear a Condom

It is never cool to spread or get STDs and other diseases when you participate in the dogging community. There are also other women who may find themselves facing an unwanted pregnancy. Prevent this from happening by wearing a condom. Some watchers and joiners would be passing around boxes of condoms. Make sure that you will get what you need.

Do Not “Dog” in Front of Other Passers−By

Some people get a thrill when they know that there are other passers−by that are not involved in dogging who might see them. It can be fascinating for some people but most people will probably feel scandalized when they see you “doging” in front of them. You are also not supposed to “dog” whenever there are children available.

Do Not Attract Attention

The thing about dogging is you need to be very discreet. This makes everything more fun. When you get caught, the fun will be gone. You can watch without being seen if you want to. You can make this a challenge to make the process even more exciting for you. If you disturb the peace, you may be evicted from the dogging spot and you may be banned from attending other dogging activities in the future.

Anonymity is Important

You are not supposed to reveal your real name to other doggers whether they are “watchers” or “joiners.” You can be anonymous, participate in the dogging activities, and do it all again next time. if in case you would be asked by people that you will meet for your name, you can create a dogging name. Do not worry because everyone else will do this too. Some would even create really mysterious names to hide their real identities.

If in case you see someone that you have “dogged” with or you have met through dogging, do not talk about the experience unless you both want to steer away from the anonymity for other reasons. Otherwise, just keep your identity private.

Destroying Public Property is Not Cool

Do you know that there are some areas that are being closed off to people who do dogging because of their irresponsible acts? A lot of doggers just leave their used condoms, the boxes of condoms, lubricants, and so much more on the grounds after they are done having sex or watching other people have sex. When you throw away trash irresponsibly, you are causing damage to the property. Some would even go overboard and actually trash and vandalize the areas wherein dogging takes place. Those who are caught doing these things will be removed from the community of doggers.

Be Aware of Legal Driving and Parking Rules

Some areas are off−limits to those who do dogging. If the government says that you cannot access the area at night, then just follow this rule. This will prevent potential issues that may happen in the long run. Some have received tickets that are extraordinarily high just because they wanted to “dog” at a certain place that was closed off to the public.

Agree on a Safe Word to Use to Stop the Act

What if you are in the middle of dogging and a passer−by is coming? You can tell your partner the safe word so that you would both stop. This decreases the chances of getting seen or heard by the passer−by. You do not want issues to arise because of dogging.

Women are not Recommended to Come Alone

There are still some predators who may lurk around in dogging spots hoping to score with different women. Women are not supposed to come alone so that they can be protected from these predators. They have the right to decide if they would want to watch, join, or have sex with other people. If you are a woman, you can come with a man that you trust.

Watchers Cannot Touch

Watchers can watch from a certain distance but you will not be allowed to touch any body part of the people that you are watching unless they ask you to join in. Touching when it is not allowed can make you become evicted from the dogging activity.

Following these rules will make sure that you can participate properly when dogging in Marlborough.