Dogging in Manukau City

Dogging in Manukau City Some Dogging Tips from the Community You Should Know

What exactly is dogging in Manukau city, and what are the things you should know about the activity? Get to know the correct details when you check here.

Some people are only hearing about dogging for the first time. If this is also your first time to hear about it in Manukau City, New Zealand, you may be in for a treat.

There is just something about dogging in Manukau City that makes a lot of people interested in it. It can be fun. It can be very exciting. A lot of people consider this as sex dating. At this point, your curiosity may already be at its peak. What do people do when dogging that makes it exciting to a lot of Manukau City swingers?

What Exactly is Dogging?

Dogging is a type of activity wherein some people will be having sex in a car park. It can be an open field or an area wherein there is available space. At times, it can be in a public toilet or a park. It will depend on where people would like to go. The obvious thing is that it is a type of


sex that people seem to enjoy immensely.

Dogging usually happens outside, and if it were allowed, other people would begin to join in. If not, then people will watch other people have public sex. This is how dogging works.


Some Dogging Rules to Remember

Some people who are new to dogging may do some things that will make them banned from the community. The more that you know, the more that you can avoid doing these things. This will help you continue dogging for a long time.

Casual sex may be something that you can look forward to.

Always Wear a Condom

This is something that people should always know. Men should always wear a condom when they are having sex. Women may also want to keep some packets of condoms. This way, they can pass on the condom to their partner before having sex. This is not like speed dating events wherein you will not lose or gain anything when you talk to someone.

There is always a chance that the person you are having sex with has STD. You would always want to avoid this from happening. The chances of getting pregnant are also higher. Women would not want to risk that.

Do Not ‘Dog’ in Front of Passersby

Doing the act may sometimes make you forget about the things that are happening around you. There are just so many things that you are experiencing that you cannot focus on anymore. Dogging near schools and especially when the sun is still up are not recommended.

There are some reports about people doing Auckland dogging that were also reported to the police. It is not fun for children to see you, especially in broad daylight. Some people may think that it is fun, but it can be traumatizing for children.

You should remember when you are dogging is always to get rid of your trash properly. It can be tempting to leave the used condoms, tissues, wipes, and all of the other trash you have used. Yet, when you do this, the dogging location will be pegged as such. You do not want the authorities to know where the locations are, as they are supposed to be a secret.

The Whole Experience Should be One Big Secret


One of the reasons why dogging is very appealing to many people is because it is a secret. It should be treated as a secret. This means that when you are dogging in Manukau, and you see someone you know, you will act as if you do not know each other. Looking for dogging locations can be possible when you check online. There are some forums that you can check. Just make sure that you will not spill details to random people.

Agree on a Safe Word if You Want to Stop

Sex in Manukau City can be

fun and exciting.

Yet, there may be times when you are uncomfortable with your partner and what you are doing. The best thing to do is to agree on a safe word. When one of you utters the safe word, you should stop what you are doing. This can also be useful even for couples looking for other people to have sex with.

Always Stay Safe

It can be hard to stay safe when so many other people can get involved. Swingers and dogging will usually go together, too, so you do not know exactly who you will find. Just remember that if it thrills you to watch, then watch. You will not be allowed to have sex with other people unless you are invited to anyway. Meet single people here that you may never have to meet again in the future.