Dogging in Manawatu Wanganui

Sex Under the Stars and Dogging in Manawatu Wanganui

Have you noticed that access to common areas in some parts of Australia would require people to pay a certain fee to enter? Gone are the days when people can come and go as they please and they do not have to pay for anything.

If the people who maintain these common areas would be asked why they require the fees, they will usually say that this is for the maintenance of the area. Some areas will look well maintained while others will not look like it is being maintained at all. What is the point of talking about the fees that you have to pay? Whenever people do dogging, they may enter the areas that are supposed to be paid and have sex or watch people having sex for free.

How Dogging Was in the Past

12 years ago, when dogging started, most of the dogging spots were very scarce. People can just visit and become entertained before going back home. Now, more effort would need to be exerted to find the right dogging spots.

People used to go to forests and other areas that used to be free for everyone. Right now, these areas are free for those who do dogging. They will not be free, however, for people who would like to go on a picnic or tourists who would like to visit certain parks and forests where dogging may also take place at night.

Dogging Issues

People know that dogging in Manawatu Wanganui exists. Some would even make an effort to report the dogging activities that may take place to the authorities to put a stop to the activity. Those who participate in dogging have become more careful but this does not mean that they have become more conscious about the things that they leave behind after the activity.

It is very common to see different used condoms, wrappers, even some types of food containers to be scattered all over the place. The money for the maintenance of some areas goes here – to make sure that the trash will be removed before the day time tourists arrive. This is not always easy. In fact, some people, especially those who do not participate in dogging find this unfair. Why do they have to pay for the cleanliness of the place when those who do dogging can have sex for free near the bushes?

Making Money from Those Who Participate in Dogging

The authorities have realized that they can put up CCTV cameras all over the place so that those who do dogging can be given tickets. This seems like a great idea, right? The issue is that having CCTVs all over a big area can require a lot of money. Over time, those who have put up CCTVs realized that they are just too expensive to maintain.

What the authorities are trying to do now is to make money from the people who participate in dogging. They will be given tickets for parking their cars in areas wherein they are not supposed to be. The fees that they have to pay may be enough to ensure that the area will be maintained better.

Why Does Dogging Take Place Outdoors, Anyway?

Can you imagine if dogging would take place indoors? There would be no thrill seeing everyone who would like to participate whether they are joiners or watchers. Dogging is an activity that started in Britain more than a decade ago. Through word of mouth, people were able to let others know where the dogging spots are and when dogging would take place.

Through the years, this activity has spread from one country to another. This takes place in Australia and there are so many people who participate depending on their area. Dogging has always been done outdoors and some of the rules about doing this activity will truly require people to be outdoors. Those who do dogging say that it can be a thrill to be behind your wheel as you watch a couple have sex. The light may come from the moon or from a nearby lamppost and not from the headlights of the watchers’ vehicles.

The light may be enough to illuminate the things that are taking place. This can cause people to become horny too. They may have sex with the couple if they would be asked to join and they are always free to watch. Some watchers also hook up with each other and have sex. This explains why there are so many used condoms that are left behind after a dogging session takes place.

Those who participate in dogging may want to rethink this. Participating in dogging is always a choice but one can always make an effort to dispose of the trash properly. All the used condoms, lubricants, and all other trash should be thrown properly so that they will not cause any destruction to the property. Doing this can make it easier for the government to manage the place. At the same time, it will make it easier for dogging to take place in different areas.

Dogging under the stars can be fun and exciting but only if it would be done responsibly thank you DoggingOnline NZ.