Dogging in Gisbourne


Gisborne city is located in the north-eastern of New Zealand. It’s the biggest settlement within the region/ district of Gisborne, having an estimated population of about 37,200 in June 2018. The headquarters of its district council area located in Whataupoko, Central city. This settlement was initially referred to as Turanga, but it was later renamed in 1870 to Gisborne in respect to the Colonial Secretary of New Zealand William Gisborne.

Dogging in Gisborne

The term ‘dogging’ is commonly used to mean the act of engaging in sexual intercourse in public areas, such as parking lots, taking chances of other people watching you. In an attempt to give a new definition of the word ‘flash mob’, the British have come up with the new sex trend referred to as ‘dogging’, which combines mobs, the internet, sex and exhibitionism.

Dogging sex tends to combine technology with voyeurism, swinging and cruising. To put it in simpler terms, small or big crowds watch exhibitionist singles or couple who have met through the internet having sex in vehicles and at times join in.

Dogging sex seems to be widespread and popular, attracting single women and men as well as heterosexual couples of various backgrounds, income brackets and age groups. Nevertheless, bear in mind the fact that dogging meets end up attracting fewer women than men.

Dogging sites in Gisborne

Doggers in Gisborne can easily find other people with similar interests within this area via the different dogging sites of Gisborne. There are more than 1000 members from Gisborne and its surrounding that are a member of these sites. These websites are perfect for residents of Gisborneinterested in engaging in sexual activities with strangers of this area that are looking for the same. These sites also connect people searching for discreet spots for outdoor sex in Gisborne. Most of the Gisborne dogging sites guarantee safety and security to their members by valuing the information of their members and keeping it confidential.

Residents of Gisborne become a member of these sites when they register online, which is free for most sites. After registration members gain access to various features in these sites such as blogs, forum, chat rooms as well as articles. These features enable them to organize meetups with ease and discover the best locations for dogging within Gisborne. In addition, people residing in nearby cities can also join these sites by becoming members too, especially for those people that work or frequently visit Gisborne. Members of these dogging sites can search or get reviews about the best locations for dogging in Gisborne before they choose to leave their respective places.

Gisborne dogging spots

Dogging sex within the city of Gisborne mainly takes place in cars at parking lots of the superstores, rural parks or in Lover’s lanes. During the doggers meetups, cell phones, as well as text messages, are mainly used for confirmation of identities and the specific meeting addition, doggers are increasing recording their dogging activities through camera or videophones.

Do’s and don’ts during dogging in Gisborne

Dogging mainly involves no strings attached to sexual activities with strangers that share the same interest. Therefore, dogging might involve some dirty fun with strangers that are sexually aroused in public areas. This makes it necessary to observe some do’s and don’ts when having dogging sex.

  • Do practice safe sex
    Although dogging sex is fun and spontaneous, participants should always take precautions and come prepared with ample protection, regardless of whether you’re a man or a woman. This is mainly due to the fact that it’s difficult to know if there’s a participant with an STI or not since it mainly involves having sexual intercourse with strangers.
  • Don’t Post your location
    Doggers in Gisborne are strongly advised to avoid posting their precise location of residence, especially if they’re female. Women posting their location on Gisborne dogging sites might be at risk of being rape victims due to the fact that these sites tend to attract more number of men than women.
  • Don’t engage in dogging sex if the number is too big
    Despite the fact that dogging sex with many people might be fun, too many people that are gathered in one location is not a very brilliant idea. This is simply due to the fact that it tends to attract a lot of unnecessary attention and minimizes the probability of getting a partner for one to hook up with. In additionally, this might result in being subjected to police charges as well as embarrassment.