Dogging in Dunedin

Dogging in Dunedin – Top Coastal Locations for Public Sex in NZ

Are you searching for a top dogging location in Dunedin? Check out what this post suggests for an ultimate dogging experience in NZ!
Why is Dunedin a Preferred Dogging Location?

Most people who need sex in the public throng to Dunedin for many reasons. Here’s a look at why this harbour town is now a choice location in the NZ dogging scene:

Dunedin has several quiet yet public locations:

If you’re living in areas like Taioma, Mosgrel, and Outram, getting multiple public sex sites could be challenging.

But in Dunedin, that’s all different.

Dunedin has tons of quiet locations where you can engage dogging without any interruption. And if you’re keen on bringing an audience, several folks will be able to make it to these sites on time.

Dunedin swingers offer sex without question:

Many swingers are available in Dunedin. And to make things more interesting, these swingers off what you need, whenever you want it.

Such a massive swinger population in Dunedin makes it a preferred location for several ‘dogging tourists.’

So, if you’ve got a contact in Dunedin, make the most of your connection right now!

Great Dogging Locations in and Around Dunedin

Dogging in Dunedin

Couples looking for great locations to engage dogging near and in Dunedin should check these locations:

  • Roslyn
  • Green Island
  • Ravensbourne
  • St.Clair
  • Pukehiki
  • Halfway Bush
  • Highcliffe

Most of these locations have public spaces that remain largely deserted at night. If you’re keen on a dogging spot where there’s a low chance of interruption, these spots fit your every need.

Safety Tips Before Dogging

Keep personal information secret.

Dogging sex is something that’s still foreign to several people, even in NZ. Consider making the most of your experience when you’ve found a dogging partner.

But don’t get carried away.

There’s no need to share your info with anyone, no matter how the dogging partner is friendly. Maintain a strict, public-sex-only relationship, and cut ties when everything’s done.

Don’t be in a hurry to agree on any suggested location.

Agreeing on any suggested location could be a big mistake, particularly if you’re new to dogging. Keep focused on getting a major opinion in selecting where the public sex encounter will hold.

Take time to understand your potential dogging partner.

Most dogging dates happen online, meaning there’s little to no contact before the session. With so much left unanswered about your potential dogging mate, it’s better to investigate.

One of the best ways to find out more about your potential dogging partner:

  • When the other person may want to suggest the dogging site, time to visit, etc., alone, both parties should plan where the dogging sex is to happen. If you’re left with no part in the decision-making process, it could be a trap.

  • Suppose the other person is reluctant to share information through video chats. It’s another sign you could be walking into something different than dogging.

Scout the dogging scene beforehand (if you can)

When everything has been agreed for the dogging session (date, venue, time, etc.), it’s time to do some scouting.

Check out access to and exit from the area. Also, consider the chances of being cornered at any of the exit points.

Some could call it paranoia. But you can’t be too careful when you’re dogging a total stranger.

Safety Tips When Dogging

Keep your invitations small.

If you’re a guy looking for women to go dogging within NZ, there are several spots to check out.

But while you’re inviting audiences for the event, it’s better to keep invitations as small as possible. Minimizing your invitations makes sure you and your dogging partner remain safe when the event finally happens.

Safety Tips after Dogging

Follow public routes home.

Avoid lonely corners and paths when you’re making your way out of a dogging scene. Keeping your routes mainly across public spaces is essential to feel safe while you’re returning home.

Don’t allow any member of the audience to follow.

When you’re heading home, it’s best not to allow any member of your audience to tag along. Plain and simple.

Never share your contacts after a dogging encounter.

Same as before having public sex in Dunedin, it’s not safe to put your contact on display after dogging.

Don’t share your phone numbers, personal email, contact address, social media IDs, or anything like that. Not everyone accepts dogging yet, so it’s better to stay safe.

Bottom Line

Dunedin sex could be a fun experience, and many other New Zealand dogging spots offer a fun time.

While you’re dreaming about getting a sexy male or female for public dogging, it’s better to remain safe. Dogging could be a fun experience, but you need to get it right the first time.

The tips provided above help make sure you’re on course to max out your public sex encounter.