Dogging in Auckland


The city of Auckland is located in New Zealand’s North Island and is the most populated urban region in the nation, with a population of more than 1.6 million citizens. It’s a multicultural, cosmopolitan and diverse city and has the largest population of Polynesians in the entire world.

Dogging in Auckland

Dogging sex refers to the act of engaging in sexual activities in a semi-public/ public place or even watching others engage in this act. Dogging can involve more than 2 participants; both gang banging and group sex can therefore be included. Since observation tends to be encouraged, exhibitionism and voyeurism are closely identified with dogging sex. The 2 sets of individuals involved either meet frequently or arrange meeting up in advance through the internet.

Due to the high population, dogging in Auckland is increasingly becoming popular in this city. Dogging sex is perfect for people that enjoy undisclosed group sex. This has resulted in rising of various dogging sites that registered members can use to find local partners that they can engage in dogging sex with.

According to a certain survey, about half of the group that had a thousand New Zealanders had engaged in dogging sex on beaches, about 15% of New Zealanders had engaged in dogging sex in public toilets and 1 in 2 had a 1-night stand. In addition, according to that survey, about half of New Zealander heading off to holiday getaways look forward to evening more sex than when they are at home.

Auckland Dogging sites

There is various dogging site in Auckland where hot singles that are looking forward to some outdoor fun meet. These sites are perfect for people searching for some hot sessions of No Strings sex in public places with sexually aroused strangers. These sites have many sexy singles that are willing to meet up for sex in lay-bys, car parks, parks among other areas where they can be watched by other people who can also choose to join them and have fun. Dogging in Auckland is also ideal for people that are bored by having casual sexual encounters under their sheets since it adds an interesting new aspect to sex life. Most dogging sites are secure and safe, mainly due to the fact that they take the privacy of their members seriously.

Important things about dogging to perceive

As we previously stated, No Strings Attached dogging dating is perfect for people who love erotic outdoor sex. Dogging dating enables one to develop a connection with other unfamiliar people that also love outdoor sex. However, if you are anticipating having some dirty adult fun in semi-public or public places with sexually aroused strangers, there are some things about dogging that you should be familiar with. These things include;

    • Always practice safe sex

      The fact that dogging is spontaneous and fun does not mean that participants should not come prepared or take precautions. Whether you are female or male, it’s always good to come with ample condoms and utilise them religiously. Since dogging basically involves having sexual encounters with strangers, it’s hard to know if they’ve got a sexually transmitted infection or not. Just remember that there is no temporary pleasure that is worth risking your life for, regardless of how great that sex is.

    • Size matters

      Dogging that involves a group of people can be fun. Nevertheless, too many individuals gathered at a single location is not a good idea. This is mainly due to the fact that it draws unnecessary attention and decreases the chances of finding a partner that you can hook up with. This can result in embarrassment and police charges. Therefore, we recommend that you avoid locations with over 6 or 7 doggers as it can get a bit busy.

    • Couples engage in dogging too

      Although dogging was once for gay men only, several straight couples have discovered that dogging is a thrilling way of enhancing their sexual life. Nevertheless, a couple that is considering to engage in dogging sex should communicate what they’re expecting to get from the experience in advance. It’s also good to have lubricants and condoms to ensure that you are prepared for any circumstance that might occur.

    • Be cautious if you are a woman

      Be cautious if you are a woman

    • Women using location-based applications or finding dogging locations via scouring forums should avoid posting their location in the dogging sites.

  • Be clear on what you’re looking for

    In dogging sex, some people prefer watching while others enjoy having sexual encounters with strangers. We, therefore, recommend that you be clear on what you’re looking for in the dogging site profile.