Dogging in Southland

Dogging in Southland

Southland is the southernmost region of New Zealand. It mainly consists of the south western portion of Rakiura/ Stewart Island and South Island. This region includes Gore District, Invercargill city and Southland District. This region spans for more than 3400 kilometers of coast and covers more than 3 million hectares.

Southland is popular for the National park of Fiordland. In addition, it’s the home of snow-capped mountain as well as fjords such as the popular Milford Sound, that’s traversed by the sightseeing boats and has vertical rocky walls that are high. The hiking route of Milford Track runs between Lake Te Anau and the Sound. Additionally, the nearby network of subterranean cave shelters waterfalls and glowworms.

Dogging in Southland

Dogging sex involves engaging in sexual practices while being watched by other people either in public or semi-public location. Dogging can either include group sex or gang banging since it involves more than two people. Additionally, voyeurism as well as exhibitionism tend to be closely related to dogging since it encourages observation. Doggers tend to regularly meet or organize their meet ups via the internet.

With a population of more than 99 thousand residents, the number of people engaging in dogging sex in Southland is continuously increasing. Dogging sex tend to be ideal for individuals that love engaging in outdoor sex with strangers that have similar motives. As a result, they’ve been an increase in the number of dogging spots and sites in Southland that are used by the registered members to find dogging locations as well as partners that they can have dogging sex with.

A report of a particular survey that involved 1000 residents of New Zealand stated that about 50% of this group had practiced dogging sex on the beaches while about 15% had practiced it in the public toilet. This clearly shows an increase in the number of people practicing in dogging sex in New Zealand a well as the Southland region is no exception mainly due to the fact that it’s located in New Zealand.

Dogging etiquette in Southland

All across Southland region, public toilets and car parks have been rumored or identified to be the main spots for the active Southland dogging community. As we previously stated, the term dogging refers to observing or having exhibitionist sexual intercourse in semi-public and public places, usually outdoors, while other people watch or even join in. Nevertheless, participants of dogging activities in Southland claim that dogging activity is not free to everyone and those are involve should observe certain rules. Some of these rule that doggers in Southland adhere to include:

  • You’ve to use protection so as to prevent unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections. In addition, doggers in Southland are even encouraged to take a condom box that they can share with the other participants.
  • Dogging should not be done in front of unsuspecting passers-by or children.
  • Refrain from drawing attention or disturbing peace.
  • Don’t trespass through private property or destroy the public property.
  • Anonymity is very important and no dogger is supposed to reveal the other doggers’ identity. As a matter of fact, doggers in Southland are advised to avoid using their real names in the dogging sites or spots so that they can protect their identity.
  • Do not leave the headlights on when you arrive at the dogging scene.
  • All rubbish and condoms is supposed to be collected and the disposed inside a bin.
  • It isn’t generally accepted for women to arrive at the dogging spot alone. They’re advised to take a male companion that they trust for protection of their interests.

Disadvantages of dogging in Southland

Despite the fact dogging activity in Southland is fun as well as spontaneous, it carries some risks too. Firstly, dogging can result to increased cases of STDs in Southland region, especially among doggers that don’t use protection during this activity. Therefore, doggers in Southland are strongly advised to always carry condom when going out for dogging regardless of whether they female or male.

Secondly, women using the dogging websites of Southland might be victims of rape, especially if they post their real addresses on these sites. This is simply because of the fact that dogging sites generally attracts more male doggers than that of female doggers. Female doggers of Southland should therefore avoid posting their actual addresses on these dogging websites for their own safety and protection.

Additionally, since having sex in public areas is deemed illegal within New Zealand, dogging might lead to police charges as well as embarrassment if the participants are caught.