So What Is Dogging? All About The Hottest Dating Trend In New Zealand

The dating world is a whole new ball game, these days. It’s hard to keep up with the latest fads and trends hitting the dating scene in New Zealand and beyond.

Among the hottest new dating trends, you may have heard about dogging. Known mostly for its links to voyeurism and exhibitionism, dogging might be something to consider if you’re looking to spice up your relationship.

Or if you’re single, it might be a good way to get some new, exciting experiences under your belt.

So, what is dogging? Keep reading to find out more about this popular dating and sex trend.

What is Dogging?

As much as we’d like to tease you and lead you on just a little, we thought that might be cruel. Instead, we’ll be kind and dive right in.

You’ve heard about it, you’ve read about it, you’ve even thought about trying it, but there’s a bit of grey area you’re just not sure about.

For those who need some clarification: simply put, dogging is when a couple (or sometimes a group) has sex in a public place with the full intention of being watched. It often happens in or around cars.

63% of people in New Zealand have admitted to having sex in cars. Really, dogging is just taking that one step further.

Basically, dogging is when sex becomes a performance that people are invited to watch. In some cases, observers are invited to join in on the action.

How is it Different from Exhibitionism?

It differs from simple exhibitionism because the observers play a key role. With exhibitionism, the couple gets a thrill from having sex in a public place. Part of that thrill comes from the risk of getting caught.

While that certainly plays a part in dogging, the “getting caught” part of the equation only comes from the risk of getting caught by the authorities.

Being watched by onlookers is what makes the act “dogging” instead of just simply having sex in public.

Dogging is essentially an organized version of exhibitionism. There are official hotspots people can go to catch a “show”, and often it’s even organized online.

The “performing” couple or group will set a place and time for their rendezvous, and then send out invitations for people to come and watch. Sometimes, these invitations are extended in-person to the onlookers who are already there.

Sometimes, and even more often now with the internet being so widely accessible, the invitations are sent online.

The History of Sex Dogging

Public sex is not new to the scene. Many people for many years have had fetishes for having sex in public. Dogging, however, is a relatively new spin on the old thrill-seeking adventure.

It originated in the United Kingdom and is thought to have started in the early 2000s.

It could have started earlier, but it wasn’t until the early 2000s when people began getting caught and the new trend made its ripple through national news headlines.

Why is it called dogging? Glad you asked. Contrary to popular belief, the term dogging has nothing to do with being derogatory towards the women involved and referring to them as dogs.

The term was coined when married men started telling their wives they were taking the dog for a walk. When really, they were slipping down to the local park to watch young couples have sex.

It wasn’t the first time the dog walking excuse was used. The older generation might recognize it as a man’s excuse or a code word meaning he’s escaping down to the pub for a pint.

How Does it Work?

Okay, you know now what dogging is and where it originated, but it seems complicated. How does it work, exactly?

There are a few different ways to participate. It all depends on the individual boundaries set by the performing couple or group.

In some cases, it’s very much linked to the swinger culture, in that the couple involved gets turned on by seeing their partner have sex with someone else.

In other cases, this is not so. It’s more that the couple themselves gets turned on by being watched by onlookers. So, before you make a mass generalization, it’s important to know that they are many ways people take part in dogging.

You don’t have to have sex at all to participate in dogging. As mentioned earlier, observers play a key role. The onlookers enjoy the show and often masturbate along, but they don’t have to physically get involved.

In some cases, the couple will invite onlookers to join in. But this isn’t always the case.

The Setup

If this is all sounding interesting to you, here’s how you can go about getting involved with dogging in your area.

Back in the day before social media was the norm, dogging would often be set up in person, by mass text messages, or early sex forums.

Now, there are websites galore (like ours) where you can sign up as a member and get alerted to the local hotspots and get exclusive invites.

In some ways, it’s safer these days, as you can somewhat vet your potential observers before extending an invite. When dogging first began, performing couples would go to notorious hotspots and gain their onlookers that way.

Now that it’s more organized, people can take some precautions and make sure their observers are more on the safe side.

In most cases, it’s a couple who initiates the setup. Sometimes, a single person will post their fantasy online and will meet up with strangers for random public sex. Regardless, it takes a bit of foreplanning.

Is Dogging Illegal?

While there are no laws against the specific act of dogging in New Zealand, there are laws that prohibit public sex.

Anyone who’s caught having sex or exposing themselves in public can be charged with public indecency under the Crimes Act of 1961. Depending on the nature of the act, you could face a fine or even jail time.

It goes without saying, but if the sex act is conducted near a school or playground with children present, the penalties are a lot more severe than if you’re hidden away in the bushes somewhere.

Dogging Etiquette

Like anything, dogging has it’s own rules of regulation or “code of conduct”, if you will. Here are some of the main things to keep in mind if you’re about to embark on your first dogging experience:

No Photos or Videos

This makes sense, considering the nature of the event. While it might seem counter intuitive that a couple wants to be watched having sex but doesn’t want their photo taken, remember, it’s their right to have rules.

Just because people want to be watched having sex, doesn’t mean they want their photos and videos plastered all over the internet. Plus, as mentioned, it is illegal. So not many are willing to have evidence distributed of their crime.

Be Clear About Your Intentions

If you’re going dogging as a performing couple, there are things you can do to signal to onlookers that they’re welcome to watch.

Peeping on strangers having sex isn’t cool. If you see people having sex in a car, don’t just assume they’re inviting you to watch. They could be teenagers in the heat of the moment or various other non-dogging scenarios.

If you are out there dogging, leave the lights on and/or leave the car door open to signal to people that it’s showtime. Have sex in a position that’s easy for observers to see.

The bottom line: make it obvious. And if you’re an observer, make sure you know the signs so you don’t misunderstand things.

Safe Sex is Happy Sex

This is pretty obvious, but whenever sex is involved, especially with strangers, use protection. Have condoms on hand, and make sure to use them when switching partners.

Safe sex doesn’t only pertain to using condoms. Especially if you’re out there alone, make sure to take the necessary precautions like not using your real name, keeping valuables hidden, and being clear with your intentions.

Go Through the Right Channels

With so many resources out there, there’s no reason to rock up to a dark parking lot and hope to find a partner.

Put yourself out there online, and take the time to chat to potential partners to establish a connection first. If you walk up to a stranger in the bar and ask them to go dogging with you, it might not go well.

You’ll have better luck finding like-minded people on a dogging forum or social media site that’s specifically designed for others who share your fetish.

Have Fun & Stay Safe

You came here looking for answers to the question “what is dogging?”, and hopefully you’ve found them. And we’re not judging.

Dogging is a great way to spice up a flat relationship or to simply try some new things. As long as you’re respectful, safe, having fun, and not hurting anyone — have at ‘er.

For dogging hotspots and to find doggers in New Zealand, check out what we’re all about.

Thank you for reading DoggingOnline.

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