Dogging Auckland

Dogging Auckland

3 Myths about Dogging That You Should Not Believe

Even though dogging is becoming more popular and mainstream, some people are still spreading myths about this brilliant activity. Yes, you will be having public sex. But, that doesn't mean you are doing any crime. It might be deemed as a crime in the eyes of the law. However, if you do it discreetly, it will all be about fun and no criminal offence. That is why if you want to go for Dogging Auckland, you have to clear your mind off these myths. Otherwise, you will never be able to enjoy dogging the way you want it.

Now, you will be wondering what these myths are. If you search the internet about dogging, you will find many articles and news that will tell you several myths that will not let you enjoy the activity correctly. It is a shame because you should have the right to choose how you will live your sex life. But, these myths will lead you conscience the way they want it. But, if you're going to get a grip on it, then, in this article, let's discuss three of those myths that you should never believe if you're going to enjoy dogging and transform your sex life.

Dogging Will Make You a Criminal

You will find many news articles where they will say dogging will make you a criminal. You will be breaking the law. But, that is absolute nonsense because when you go for dogging nothing like that happens. You find a partner and go to a discreet place to have sex.

So, how can you become a criminal for that? Now, yes, if you do that at a place where there are general public, then you might have to face legal problems. But, otherwise, if you choose the location and the time of the activity precisely, you should not have this problem. So, don't believe that dogging will make you a criminal.

Dogging is Risky for Females

This is another baseless myth. If dogging dangerous for girls, then why girls take part in it? Here, it would be best if you cleared your mind of one thing. When you go to dogging, you will find many types of people. Some might even be living a worldly life, and some might live below everyday life.

If you know the precautions and follow the safety rules, you should not have any problem irrespective of whether you are a girl or a boy. If you are a lady and have a boyfriend or a husband, you can bring him to the dogging spot. It will make your experience a more secured one.

You Can Have STDs

Yes, having multiple sex partners can be dangerous because you can have STDs. But, you need to ensure that you are taking proper precautionary measures to avoid STDs. You will also find many people who had one sex partner in their life but did suffer from STDs.

So, you can suffer from STDs even with one partner. Thus, you cannot say dogging will be the reason for you to have STDs. Also, if dogging spreads STDs, so many people wouldn't have gone for dogging. Therefore, dogging spreads STDs is a myth, and you should not believe it.

Final Thoughts

Finally, if you are serious about Dogging Auckland, then you should never believe these myths. Otherwise, you will never be able to go for dogging with a free mind. So, pick your dogging partner, choose a location, and have an incredible experience. Dogging might transform your life.

Dogging Auckland

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